How to Clean the Room of Your Child

Discarded juice boxes, empty bags of chips, scattered toys, dirty clothes on the bed and floor – these are some of the things you’ll probably see whenever you walk inside your child’s room.  

If you want to clean your child’s room as fast as possible, hiring cleaning services Sioux Falls might be your best option. However, if you think that it’s time to teach your child how to clean their room, don’t worry we are here to help.  

Study and Desk Areas 

Giving your kids an uncluttered study or desk area will certainly help them. You should work together with your kid and set up a couple of canisters or bins for textbooks, notebooks, and other school supplies. You have to ensure they’ve got enough lighting from a floor or desk lamp. 


If you have hardwood flooring, you have to make it shine again. To get rid of dust and most buildup, an excellent mopping and sweeping will help. Damp mopping is best for floors sealed with polyurethane. Floors with varnish or shellac will require a suitable polish or cleaner applied using a wax mop. Sweeping them every week with a dry mop will maintain its look. Shake the rugs outside and vacuum the carpets.  

Mattress and Bedding 

You have to change the bedding of your kid every week. This includes mattress toppers. Let your kid help you. Don’t forget to vacuum along the rails and under the bed. Now if the ideal time if it has been a while since you cleaned the mattress of your kid. To take care of any stains and get rid of germs and bacteria, you need to clean your kid’s mattress at least 4 times a year.  


Use a broom to get rid of spider-webs and dust. You should also give a quick brush to the ceiling and the bedroom. You can get rid of scuffs and crayon marks by gently scrubbing using a Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  

Ceiling Fan 

To catch dirt, lay a sheet or drop cloth below a ceiling fan. Then, use a long-handled duster to wipe off the dust. These dusters are useful for other hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling lights. Use a ladder and a pillowcase if you’ve got buildup on your fan blades. Put the pillowcase over every blade and wipe off the dirt and dust right into the pillowcase. Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean off build-up. Don’t forget to wipe down the housing of the ceiling fan as well. 


You should get rid of everything, from any shelving to nightstands and tops of dressers. Dust every piece of shelving and furniture from top to bottom. This includes support and feet. The next thing to clean is the stools, chairs, and any other pieces of furniture. Use water and a microfiber cloth to clean off stuck-on grime. If your furniture pieces are made of wood, you can finish up the cleaning with furniture polish. For drawers and furniture, empty them and vacuum the insides.